Entrepreneur Is The Future, Create Your Own Economy

Created: Friday, 13 June 2014 Written by Christian Ozor C.

  I visited a secondary school friend of mine during my last holiday. We were discussing what the future holds for us young people, in terms of employment and job opportunities. He said something that struck me. He said things has changed, things are no longer the same, and the only option left is for young people to "CREATE THEIR OWN ECONOMY." I was impressed with that statement, “create your own economy”.  To be sincere he is right because there are no jobs. I went home with that thought of “creating my own economy”.

 I was listening to the Former CBN Governor Sanusi lamido sanusi some few months ago, he said that if he had his way, he would sack half of civil service workers because the Federal Government don't them, and they constitute wastage in Government. Most people like great economics agreed with him, because it seems the Government is just paying for what they don’t need. I thought about the statement, it means Government can't give us young people job for now; they can only encourage us to be self-employed. Thousands of graduates are still roaming the streets with a job. The ones that have at all, the pay they receive can't even sustain them till they receive another one.

  Entrepreneur Is The Future: When I first entered the University, I do sit down and think of life after leaving the university, joining the bunch of job seekers in the labour market. I don’t know if you thought or think of this too! I do think about this because there are no jobs. According to estimate,  30 million Nigerians of employable age are unemployed, over 10 million of them are graduates of university and polytechnics. Our universities are producing over 120,000 graduates yearly, now tell me how can all this graduating get  jobs, that is why I am saying that entrepreneur is the future. If you are in any higher institution of learning and you are not skilled in any handwork or engaged in any form of job that is fetching you income, I think you are on a losing side, why? Because there are no jobs, unless you are sure you will get one after graduating. Getting self- employed is what we should be thinking of and doing. Getting started might not be easy but if you can be patient enough, you can really make it.  Going into entrepreneurship may not be easy, it requires one being persistent, patience, focused, smart, hardwork and innovative. Majority of young Nigerians want fast money, they don't know that it doesn't work that way. Good things in life doesn't come easily.    

                     I will advise that the first step to take in creating your own economy is to know what you want to do, the kind of business you want to go into. It it requires you getting skilled and training in that area, do it because the greatest investment you can do is to invest in your own self. Think about that business you want to go into, it will give you clue of what you are going into and how you are going to do it. Are there other people doing that kind of business? If there is, and you know them, meet them, ask questions from them. It will help you learn more about that kind of business.  Business requires offering products and or services and getting paid for that. It will also help you. Draw out a list of what you need like capital. Majority of start-ups require huge  capital while some just require majorly your skill and little or no capital. Take for instance someone going into fish farming will really need much capital than a baker because the baker can do his/her own room. The fish farmer has more challenges of capital, location of the pond and even building the pond from scratch and stocking fishes. So you need to know the kind of business you want to go into and how to go into it.


 I want to make this known, if you don’t have any handwork and or you don’t wish to learn any skill or handwork, I think you are not doing enough and you are really on the wrong side, because today in our world you don’t really need certificate to achieve your dreams or get a job. Just like the bible said “a man’s gift makes way for him” so it is what you have and what you can do with that thing you have. There are so many companies that when you walk into requesting for a job, the first thing they will ask you is “what can you offer us”, they didn’t ask you for your certificate but what you can offer to the company in other for it to grow. I wouldn’t bore you much with stories because I believe we must have heard about these people and the great things they are doing. People like Tara durotoye wife of fela durotoye studied law but she’s not working with the certificate, she has her own fashion and make-up company. Another person I admire and respect a lot is uche eze; she is the founder of popular website Bellanaija.com and CEO of bainstone. She is one out of many great people that influenced the emergence of my website. Bellanaija has risen to one of the biggest fashion and entertainment site in Africa. We might as well heard of notjustok.com, nairaland.com which is the biggest forum in Africa founded and owned by seun osewa. According to seun, he said he wanted to be making N60,000 monthly from Nairaland.com but today it has surpassed its expectations because he’s making millions monthly. All these people are young people who are not using their certificates. We also know of facebook founder mark zukerberg and even bill gate started at a young age. All this people are not using certificates to make money but with their skill. I have decided to join their league too, I don’t want to be a cast away and I don’t want to look for job when I graduate, I want to be self-employed now that am in school that is why i created this website www.hovabuzz.com  to keep me company and do something better with my skill believing that one day this online company will grow to be like Google or even facebook and even bigger than them. So what are you doing? Are you self-employed? You alone can answer that for yourself but incase if you don’t have anything doing please do find one and if you are not skilled in any handiwork and you don’t wish to learn one please do try and learn any good skill so that you can be on a safer side. Let’s not wait for Nigerian’s economy, I just think is time for us to create our own economy.

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