While Rwanda's Capital, Kigali Is Becoming The Most Beautiful City In Africa, Abuja Is Becoming The Dirtiest

Created: Tuesday, 13 March 2018 Written by Christian C. Ozor


It hurts me to see that while other nations are creating cleaner environment and more suitable atmosphere for their citizens to live, we in Nigeria don’t even care, we are even damaging our environments.

Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali was declared the most beautiful city in Africa and the third greenest city in the world by United Nations.




Nigeria where we dey? Presently Abuja is one of the dirtiest city in Africa. Lagos is turning into a refuse dump. Black soot is holding Port harcourt to ransom. Other Nigerian cities are nothing to write home about. Nigeria and Nigerians are dirty. We just need to create and maintain a cleaner environment.

Picture below is Lagos.



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