Photos: Who Still Remembers This Guy, Hank Anuku Who Gave Us One Of The Best Action Moves In Nollywood Those Days!

Created: Wednesday, 28 February 2018 Written by Christian C. Ozor


Who remembers this guy? I guess some younger folks may not know him. Dude graced our TV screens in the Early and mid 2000s in Nollywood. He was that action path guy producers used to interpret roles of bad boy. He was that human killing machine in movies, sometimes the bad boy that terrorises politicians, the city and an entire country in most of his movies. Lover boy no dey fit him at all. With that his deep voice and strong face, dude was the Sina Rambo of Nollywood.

His name is Hank Anuku, I call him the Nollywood villain back then. When I was in secondary school, I remembered telling my sister he was my acting role model because of the action roles he plays in movies. I remember the movie, ‘Senator, king of the jungle.’ Kaiii, Dude killed it in those movies. I learnt he started having problems with alcohol and smoking and family/marital issues that he relocated to Ghana and naturalised as citizen. He will be 58 this year, his age is running.

I for they miss Hanks but thank God for people like Sambasa Nzeribe, Tope

Tedela and others. We still dey watch Nollywood action movies…


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