Strong Reasons Why I like Yoruba Demons

Created: Tuesday, 06 February 2018 Written by Christian C. Ozor

Some call them Yoruba boys, but the most popular name we call some of them are ‘Yoruba Demons. ’ Some ladies believe even the real demons fear them. They are so smart and intelligent. Packaging is part of their identity. They can package for Africa. Fine shoes, fine clothes, fine everything.

But all na packaging, money no dey pocket. As a 

lady, having encounter with them, your life will never remain the same again. They will sweet talk you to bed. The broke ones go for rich ladies, they won’t only steal your heart, they will also steal your money, leaving only your spirit and soul for God.

One signature identity about them is the way they majestically walk into a lady’s heart and shatters it into pieces.


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